Eczema tools for school

Eczema tools for school

At A Children’s House for Pediatric Dermatology we love our patients with eczema and their families who are also significantly affected.  In many cases, eczema is much more than a skin condition.  It can have significant social and emotional impact on the affected child or teen and their family.  While having a skin condition can sometimes make a person stand out from the crowd, it also allows us, their care providers, the opportunity to help them in a very positive way.  First, they need a good skin care regimen that includes safe and effective treatments, and they need to understand how to use them.  They also need to understand their triggers and know what to do to limit them.  They also need to be empowered with this knowledge so they can better educate those around them.  It is a golden opportunity for our school-aged children and teens to advocate for themselves, which not only helps them but also helps others.  Fortunately, the National Eczema Association ( has developed some great resources that are titled Eczema: Tools for School.  These are available for both parents and educators.   Thanks to the National Eczema Association for this important information and the helpful tips to improve the lives of those affected by eczema. A Children’s House for Pediatric Dermatology would also love to help you and your child with eczema.  Call our office at 713-942-9357 to schedule your appointment.

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