Benefits of Direct Patient Care


Benefits of Direct Patient Care

  • Improved focus on patient care by physician and staff
    • We strive to make the patient our top priority in all we do
    • Patients and parents appreciate the value and notice the difference
      • Positive evaluation cards and online reviews
  • Enhanced ability to provide flexible scheduling
    • Decreased wait times
    • Same day appointments available
      • Open 2 days each week with 7am opening (T & F)
      • Open 2 days each week with 7pm closing (M & Th)
  • Increased capability to spend quality time with patients during appointments
  • All costs are known up-front
    • Reasonable and competitive pricing for specialized expert care
    • No unanticipated charges or amounts that are billed at a later time


Potential for Reimbursement

  • Bree is considered an out-of-network provider
    • Superbill and receipt are provided at the time of service
      • Includes all codes required for filing a claim
    • Patient submits the claim directly with their insurance
      • Insurance filing tips are available on our website
  • Fees paid can be applied to the deductible if in a high deductible plan
  • Reimbursement is sent directly to the patient if they qualify
    • Most patients are being reimbursed approximately $125


If direct patient care is not an option for your patient

  • Bree volunteers at San Jose Clinic on the 1st Wednesday of each month
    • Payment is based on sliding scale
    • Easy application process that is facilitated on site