Benefits & Price List

A Children's House For Pediatric Dermatology

Benefits of Direct Care and Price List

Our goal is to provide excellent pediatric dermatology care at reasonable prices. We do not contract with insurance companies so we can reduce our administrative burden and focus on providing exceptional medical care to our patients.

Benefits of Direct Patient Care


  • Improved focus on patient care by physician and staff
  • We strive to make the patient our top priority in all we do
  • Patients and parents appreciate the value and notice the difference
  • Positive evaluation cards and online reviews
  • Enhanced ability to provide flexible scheduling
  • Decreased wait times
  • Open 2 days each week with 7am opening (T & F)
  • Open 2 days each week with 7pm closing (M & Th)
  • Increased capability to spend quality time with patients during appointments
  • All costs are known up-front
  • Reasonable and competitive pricing for specialized expert care
  • No unanticipated charges or amounts that are billed at a later time

Potential for Reimbursement


  • Dr. Bree is considered an out-of-network provider
  • Superbill and receipt are provided at the time of service
  • Includes all codes required for filing a claim
  • Patient submits the claim directly with their insurance
  • Insurance filing tips are available on our website
  • Fees paid can be applied to the deductible if in a high deductible plan
  • Reimbursement is sent directly to the patient if they qualify

A Children’s House for Pediatric Dermatology Price List


Our goal is to provide excellent pediatric dermatology care at reasonable prices. We do not contract with insurance companies so we can reduce our administrative burden and focus on providing exceptional medical care to our patients. This allows our doctor and staff to provide individualized attention and service, as well as more quality time with easier access and shorter wait times. It also allows you to know your costs upfront since unfortunately many people have plans with high deductibles and end up being billed for services that they find are not covered as they had expected at the time of co-payment. Because we do not submit claims to the insurance carriers, our patients are responsible for paying their full balance at the time of service. We accept cash, check and credit card payments.


*We wish to be upfront about our prices and financial policies so you can make informed health care decisions. You will be aware of any charges and able to ask questions before any treatment or procedure is performed. This list contains the majority of common charges, but may be subject to change.*


We are pleased to be able to provide pediatric dermatology evaluations and treatments according to the following price list:

Office Visits

New Patients
Follow up Patient Visit


New patients video visit (synchronous)
Follow up patient video visit (synchronous)
Email communication which may include photos (asynchronous)
per issue addressed


Acne Surgery
Biopsy of skin lesion, first lesion*
Biopsy of skin lesion, each additional*
* does not include dermatopathology fees which are billed separately
Canthacur application (molluscum)
Curettage of benign skin lesion, each group of 15
DCP application (Warts)
Electrodessication of skin lesions, each group of 15
Excision with simple repair
Excision with layered repair
Freezing of benign lesions, each group of 5
Incision and drainage of abscess
Injection of Botox (underarms)
Injection of Botox (hands or feet)
Injection of Candida (warts, molluscum)
Injection of corticosteroids (acne, cyst, keloid), up to 10
Laser treatment, single lesion
Laser treatment, small area
Laser treatment, large area
Laser treatment, extensive area
Removal of skin tags, each group of 15
Shave removal of skin lesion
Unna Wrap application

While this is quite an extensive list, it does not cover every procedure that may be recommended. If not listed above, we will provide the price at the time of your visit. All necessary or desired procedures will be thoroughly discussed, along with alternatives, at the time of your consultation and before services are rendered so you can make an informed decision about your care. Payment in full is expected at the time of service. The majority of services provided may be covered by your insurance. You can submit a claim for out-of-network reimbursement to your insurance provider along with the receipt you will be provided at the time you pay for services. Please see the tips for filing an insurance claim on our website if you have questions.

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Price List

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