Telemedicine Information

We are pleased to offer our patients with a telemedicine option for their pediatric dermatology care.  A Children’s House for Pediatric Dermatology utilizes as our telehealth platform, and it adheres to all HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements.  During the visit, all data is encrypted; your session is anonymous; and none of your information is stored.  This platform is easy to use, and visits are safe and convenient.

For your visit, you will simply go to our virtual office at at your scheduled appointment time. Please click on our flyer to see more information about what is needed and how to check in.    Our office will also reach out by email with more detailed information the week before your visit.

Click on the flyer to see detailed instructions for your visit

Please download, print and complete the appropriate forms as requested by our office.  The forms will be submitted at the time of your in-office or video visit.  We will upload any completed forms into your electronic health record.


New patients can complete the new patient packet that includes all of the necessary forms, except the telemedicine consent that would need to be completed separately for telemedicine video visits.


All patients, both new and follow-up, will need to complete the telemedicine consent for telemedicine video visits.


For follow-up patients, updated forms can be completed individually as requested by our office.  For the privacy policy, we only need the signature page which is the last page in the updated privacy policy.


Note: The Privacy Policy download is for review only and does not need to be printed.